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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the internet marketing also the promotion tool to your business, Website, to the product you sell and service you offer through Paid Advertising in a Search Engine.

Nowadays, Google is the most popular Search Engine in the world. Google receives 5.6 billion searches per day. It is Huge, right?. Promoting business on the internet is the right choice for getting more calls and queries.

Let Us Help You

How to find your targeted customers in the huge crowd? Welsbee helps you to reach your potential customers with our Digital Marketing Techniques. We offer you Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising Platform to improve growth of your business.

Google Adwords Campaign

Google Ads campaigns are the paid advertising campaigns that are executed within the Google search engine and its partner websites. We offer Campaigns include:
Text Campaign - Appears on Search Results
Display Campaign - Appears on Websites, Youtube, Blogs, Gmail & More
Mobile Application Campaign - Appears on Mobile Apps such as Android & iOS.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Facebook is the most using Social Media Platforms all around the world. Each and every person around the world checks their facebook once per day. Promoting your business to the right people is the challenging part in facebook. We will help you to reach your potential customers on your behalf.

How it works

At the beginning of a campaign, besides the budget and goals. The quality of the website is the important factor in the Advertising Campaign because achieving users trust is the main success for a business. Our advice is to make the website to be completely adjusted for users, to offer useful information that is easy to find and to represent your product or a service in the right way.

Auditing Your Website

Before we engage with an agreement about the Ads campaign, we would need to review the website you want to promote, in order to be sure that the ad will bring appropriate results, or that we can give at least some kind of a guarantee that the campaign would give the optimal results. If the Website has any changes that have to be done, Our representative will contact you to do some changes.

Planning & Budgeting

Once everything is set, you can define all the details of the advertising Google campaign and Facebook campaign that is going to suit you the most and achieve significant results on mutual satisfaction. You can determine your own campaign budget by depending on your goals and desires. Our task is to design the whole campaign and carry out the best possible promotion within the agreed advertising channel. The base that you pay to Google/Facebook would be increased by the amount of our commission, that could range from 20% for high-end long-term campaigns, to 35% for short-term campaigns with small budgets.

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