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10 Organic Social Media Strategy for Small Business

Social Media is the platform where Business and Customer communicate. It helps companies to share the business updates and news to their audience and most important social media is the only tool used to reach their targeted audience very quickly.

Most of the people spend 3 to 4 hours per day on social media platforms. Social media helps to market your business to new customers and retain your existing customers. I know getting started with social media marketing (paid) is terrifying. Therefore, here is Welsbee Digital’s 10 Organic social media strategy on social media.

Create Social Media Profiles

There are many social media platforms available to share your content. Each social media has audiences with a different mindset. Sharing your content, news, updated at the right platform is essential to your business.


Most of the small businesses using Facebook to reach their audience. Because Facebook has a large number of users per day more than other social media platforms. Facebook has 1.79 billion users per day.

Don’t you don’t have a Facebook Page for your business? Create an account now!. If you have, you’re on the right path.


Twitter is the microblogging company to share news and updates to the audience. With a proper marketing plan, businesses can use this platform to grow their business, sales, and boost leads, brand awareness.


Instagram has a more engaged audience than any other social media. It is one of the best platforms to share your content. But Instagram users are Visual giants. Make your content visually good.


LinkedIn for the professionals. Not every business is suitable for share content on LinkedIn. It is more beneficial for B2B Companies. 80% of leads are generated by LinkedIn.

There are other platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest, Youtube. If your audience is on this platform. Don’t miss the opportunity, share your content there too.

When you choose the right social media sites, you should consider which sites your target audience uses. Create an account on these platforms and share high engaging content.

Define your goal

Once you create suitable social media accounts, you need to set a proper plan and marketing goals for social media.

You can’t post content without any plan. Define your social media marketing strategies before sharing content.

Some top goals for small businesses are generating leads, brand awareness, and Engage customers. If you decide to use social media for customer services. Sure you can! But adequately define your goal for better results.

Follow three steps to set a goal

  • Research your competition

  • Understand your targeted audience

  • Do Social media audit

Research your competition

Conduct research on competitor’s social media. Learn how they use social media and get some inspiration from them. Don’t copy your competitor, it will spoil your repetition. Do Competitive analysis to know more about your competitor and do something that your competitor doesn’t try.

Understand your targeted audience

The advantage of social media for business is you can narrow your target audience. Start analyzing your current customer data and dig deeper with social media analytics. Start posting content to engage with your target audience.

Do social media audit

If you’re using social media for business for a long time. Conduct a social media audit regularly. We will discuss social media audits as soon as possible.

Do Post Regularly

Posting content is the toughest task for every business. Create a unique post formula for your business and make sure your business accounts are active. Share a minimum of one or two posts per day.

What if someone visits your page and sees the last post that was posted two weeks ago? Do they follow your page? No right!. Think about people already following your page. So do post regularly.

I can understand, difficult it is to handle social media for small businesses. Use a calendar or social media management like Hootsuite and Buffer tool to schedule your post. Scheduling your posts are helpful to reach your audience at the right time.

Sharing content on social media regularly is the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Don’t forget to post high-quality content to your audience. Another advantage of regular posting helps to gain more followers. “The more followers you get, the more leads you receive”

Keep engaging with your customer

Social media is so social and medium that connects business and customers. Respect your followers and remember every follower is your customer. Businesses have to be compelled to be interactive and need to encourage interaction.

Always remember to post the content that your audience wants, update your latest business news, post the content they want to read, share, comment, and like. Respond to their comment and answer to their question. Always respond as soon as possible.

Share Video Content

Social media users like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat are visual giants. Post videos regularly to keep your audience and followers engaged with your brands. It helps to express your brand ideology, personality to your customers.

Research says that most of the social media users are engaged highly with video content. When people scroll down through their feeds, they mostly get engaged with video content.

Create high quality, creative, and call to action videos for better results.

Go live

Streaming live is the best-engagement metrics for small businesses. Your followers are always curious to know more about your business, It will boost your interaction and trust among your followers.

Of course, everyone knows that Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube allows live streaming. You can utilize liver streaming in many ways such as interaction with followers, live telecasting events, office tour, new product launch, and more

During the live stream, your audience can comment on real-time. Make sure you’re responding to their comments.

Build a Community

Building a community is the best strategy for a brand and a business. In social media, you can build a community that follows, likes, and purchase your product. Try to find more customers on social media more than a follower.

When you build a community, people who engage in a community will help to share and grow your business without knowing them. Always post content that followers expect from you and useful content. The most important thing is to provide value to your audience.

Cross-promote your social media profiles

Promote your social media profile on other social media sites. For example, share your Facebook profile link to your twitter audience and share your Instagram profile link to the Snapchat audience. Cross promoting is the essential one to keep your audience engaged in your business and brand on all social media channels

Do cross-promotion occasionally, it will help to inform your new followers that you’re on other social media channels too. Mention your other social media channel links on your bio.

Tag your product

Are you running an eCommerce company? Or you’re selling your products on both physical and online shops? Facebook introduced the catalog feature that showcases your product and other details to your followers. This feature is also available on Instagram. They can easily purchase your product from your websites.

Tagging products are very useful to get engaged with customers for small businesses. Strong recommendation for small business owners to utilize this feature for high lead gen and boost sales.

Offers, Contest and Giveaway

Social media is not different from traditional marketing. People always get attracted to offers. Post offers on festival seasons, Experiment various types of strategies in offers. For example, say a social-only discount, try flash sales deals.

Contes and giveaway also a highly engaged brand awareness strategy. It will help to increase your brand awareness, subscription email list, and gain followers. Try contests on different social media channels.

Pro Tip: Use hashtags for more engagement, hashtag marketing is evolving. Social media like Instagram, Facebook are allowing us to use the hashtags in bio. Employ it for better engagement. We will discuss soon, hashtag marketing in another article


Now you are clear, why social media is important for your small business and how to get organically engaged with your audience. Just a Facebook page is not enough for your small business. Create profiles on multiple channels and try to find new audiences on other social media channels too.

Follow these guidelines to reach a new audience and to hold existing customers. Take your small business to the next level with an organic social media marketing strategy.

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