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16 easy ways to get more (Organic) followers on Instagram

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app then it’s become a serious business. Instagram is one of the content marketing tools, audience building, social networking tools for small to large brands and businesses.

In recent times, Instagram became a foundation for many brands, it helps to drive traffic to their sites, building an engaged audience, and growing sales.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 95 million photos are videos sharing per day. Also, the engagement rate for brands or higher than any other social networking platform. It's just awesome, right?

Let’s dive in for what you are looking for!

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If you have an Instagram businesses account with less than 1000 followers and don’t know how to increase Instagram followers and don’t know how to sell a product or service on Instagram. You are in the right place.

Optimize Your Header

It is an initial step to optimize your Instagram account. The header is nothing, it is the name of your Instagram account. You should optimize it with your niche keywords.

For Example, Welsbee Digital is new to Instagram - graphic design and digital marketing company. Welsbee focusing on graphic design, branding, and content creation and managing social media of their clients

So, Welsbee digital puts ‘Graphic Design’ along with their Name on an Instagram business account. If anyone searches graphic design on Instagram search, Welsbee Digital will show up on the search results.

They might look for graphic design services if they like your content and post. They will follow you and can be your customer.

Optimize your Bio

It is also important to optimize a bio for a business. Remember your Instagram business account is the homepage of your account.

You should tell me about your business, what you do, and add a call to action at the end of the bio. To look more professional, add a link to your website. People can know more about your business on your website.

Without a proper bio, username, profile picture on Instagram, your business looks unprofessional and no one will follow your brand. Proper bio, username, and profile picture seems to be the base of your Instagram brand identity.



  • Avoid using numbers in the username

  • Avoid improper words on bio.

Post Visually attractive content

Do you remember why you followed someone on Instagram recently? The post is an important thing Instagram users look upon your profile.

If your content is visually good, sure that people will follow your brand and look up to your future post. Always surprise your existing followers and upcoming followers with your content.

Pro Tip: Don’t be a more selling mindset. Be creative. Post how to use your product, customer reviews, and feedback and one post about the price of the product. Users get annoyed if you do post only in the selling mindset.

Utilize stories, IGTV, and Reels

Instagram stories are the best to update about your business news, behind the scenes, and more.

IGTV and Reels are new updates on Instagram. IGTV for posting videos for more than 15 minutes. Reels for posting videos for 30 seconds.

Instagram users highly engage in portrait videos. So always try to capture videos on portrait mode.

Share content regularly

Share content daily basis. I heard many people say “Do 5 posts per day”. I suggested 2 or 3 posts per day is enough for maximum visibility. Every post should be well designed and attractive.

Also, don’t forget to add stories, there is no limit for posting stories. I suggested a maximum of 10 stories per day.

Save some of your important stories as highlights. When visitors come to your profile, story highlights will be one of the reasons to make them follow you.

Use Content Calendar

Stop posting content at random times to get more followers. Always remember why your followers followed you. Your followers need to notice your content in the first place.

From welsbee’s experience, for maximum engagement post content from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays. 9 am to 12 pm for weekends.

Schedule a post for future

Instagram algorithms change periodically to show more content users want, posting at the right time will give more visibility for your post and also can increase the engagement rate.

There are many social media management tools to schedule your posts for the future. I recommend Hootsuite and buffer. Hootsuite has a free plan, you can handle 3 social media accounts and schedule 30 posts per month.

Before scheduling, you should know when your followers and audiences active hours. Use content calendar engagement rate per day and schedule a post.

Develop your theme

Instagram users are visual giants. When someone visits your profile and they see posts with the same color pattern, sure they will follow you. Try to optimize your posts with the same color patterns. It will be better if you use your brand colors for every post.

Use your niche hashtags

Hashtags are very important to reach your right audience. Always use your niche hashtags. Instagram allows the use of 30 hashtags per post.

You don’t need to use all 30 hashtags for better engagement. Sometimes it will end up on spam content. Welsbee recommends using 11 to 15 hashtags for a better engagement rate.

We can see how to use hashtags on Instagram for high visibility in the next post.

Pro Tip: Avoid these hashtags #followme #follow4follow #likesforlikes #followme #pleasefollow #follow4like #followtrickers #followfollow #follow

Create a community with the hashtag

A custom hashtag for your brand and ask your audience and followers to add up on their post. It will help to create a community and to attract new followers. Who are the people using your community hashtag will follow you.

ProTip: Feature some of the posts with your community hashtag on your account. It will encourage your audience and more people will use your community hashtag and follow you.

Write CTA Captions

A picture is worth a thousand words. But don’t skip the description. Try to tell stories about the picture you posted. Write the CTA description which makes your audience comment about the post, buying the product, etc.,

Don’t write bullshit in the description and also a long paragraph. Most of the users don’t read your full caption. Always keep your description short and sweet, end with CTA words for every single post.

Avoid AI Instagram followers apps

In other words, fake followers, there is a lot of difference between having fake followers and fan followers. Purchasing fake followers is like burying your business with your own hands.

If you’re using Instagram for business, Fake followers will affect your engagement rate, No ROI, and bots won’t buy anything from you.

People on Instagram follow a brand for a reason, they like the content that you are posting, a fan of your brand or company. Real followers are brought value to your business.

Let’s assume if you have 25k fake followers, how many of them will respond to your post, how many of them will like, share, comment to your post? No one right?

A huge amount of followers with a low engagement rate will reduce your business credibility and trust among the audience. Always try to attract a real audience and make them fan with your post. Automatically they will follow you and talk about your brand to their friends.

Build trust and long-lasting relationships for high engagement.

Promote on other social media

How many people are going to find your brand on Instagram unless you promote your Instagram? Promote your Instagram profile to your twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr followers. Try to bring your fans under one social media account.

Also, make sure you listed your Instagram account on your website, blogs, and other social media networks.

Regularly post brand awareness posts on other social media accounts like twitter and Facebook. Let people find your brand and follow you.

Pro Tip: Don’t ask them to follow you. Instead of posting unique content and asking them to engage in your Instagram, So users have a reason to follow you there. By using IGTV, Reels, and Stories you have tons of opportunities to create creative content.

Post the content your followers want

Always remember why your followers followed you and what they expect from you. Check insights of every post and filter which post reached a high number of audience, better engagement rate.

Also, check the Instagram trend in your niche and create content and post it. Always analyze the insights of every post and do A/B testing.

Once you know what type of content your followers expect from you, it will gain more engagement rate, shares and helps to gain new followers.

Start the conversation

To start the conversation, Instagram stories are the best tools to engage with your followers. Post a story with stickers like DM me, Polls, Quiz, Ask me a question. Interact with followers.

Try to reply to all of your post comments and direct messages. It will gain credibility and trust among the followers. Also, have positive thoughts about your brand in the public about your business.

Make followers happy

It is not difficult at all. Post content daily, don’t over-post, make a smile on your follower’s face, create the most shareable content, reply to your follower’s inquiries and direct messages, comments.

Don’t forget to post content that your followers want. Repost some of the community hashtag posts of your fans.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform for business. Take an Instagram business very seriously. Follow the above-mentioned tips to increase your brand reach on Instagram.

Welsbee Digital is new to Instagram, We post our design works, creative illustrations, and more to feed your eyes. Click here to visit our Instagram Page.

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