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6 Secret tips on How to design a logo 2020 - Welsbee Guide

Let's begin from the beginning!

What is a graphic design

Graphic design is an art to create visual content to express messages to the public via applying visual hierarchy and layout methods, designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the good judgment of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.

What is the logo and why is it important

“A logo is an image mark used to useful resources and promote your brand, or business to the public identification and popularity. It can be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark

Let me explain in simple words: A logo is the face of your business or a brand. When people see your logo in the public place they need to remember your company name and what product you sell or what service you offer and more.

For example: If you see the Apple logo on your walkway and you remember all about iPhones, future release updates about iPhones, and more. The bitten apple logo communicates with you what product they sell, and everything.

Remember Logo is not a brand. It represents your brand!

  • It helps to convey your brand personality, company name to the public.

  • As I said above, it helps to be memorable and create a strong impression on your target audience.

  • It helps to stand out from competitors and brand loyalty.

Let's dive into how to design a perfect logo:

I have to ask you a simple question. Have you seen any brand without a logo? Think for a second.

Yeah! You're right. The answer is NO! Every brand has a logo.

I will explain 6 secrets tips to design your logo

  1. Set a clear goal for your business

  2. Identify your targeted audience

  3. Choose what type of logo is suitable for your business/brand

  4. Sketch a rough diagram of your idea

  5. Choose the right font and color for your brand.

  6. Communicate with the Designer.

Set a clear goal for your business

It is an initial step to designing a logo. A logo has a major impact on how your customers will perceive your brand. So naturally, you want your logo to be outstanding.

Business is like attracting the right customer to fall in love with your brand. So the logo design should grab the attention of your audience and leave a strong impression on them.

Setting a brand personality is a crucial step to set a purpose for your enterprise. Initially, you want to outline what's your brand identity. Even as you find out what makes your brand particularly unique and what will make you stand out of the competition. It will help to define how to make a logo.

How to find brand personality:

  1. What makes you unique?

  2. What are ideals and values which might be essential to us as a company?

  3. What can we do better than all?

  4. Who're your target audiences?

  5. Who're your principal competitors?

  6. What are the values you desire your brand to specific?

Once you find out the answer to these questions. You get the idea of how your logo design should be.

Identify your targeted audience

Target audience? Sure, I will explain in simple words. Target audience? What is that? Target audience which means targeting a group of people who are interested in the product you sell and service you provide.

For example: Let's imagine, you have plans to open a new clothing shop, especially if you're selling dresses to women.

Who is your targeted audience? Women? Just that?

Then, How to determine a detailed targeted audience? It's simple. Just ask a few questions to yourself.

  1. Are you selling dresses only to adults or kids too?

  2. What is the special age range of your customers?

  3. What specific size range of dress are you selling?

I hope you got some idea of how to determine your targeted audience. Once you find your targeted audience, think about how to make a logo design to attract your potential customers.

Logo designed for Alteen's Couture by Welsbee Graphic Design Studio

Choose what type of logo is suits for your business

Now that you have a clear idea of your goal, brand identity, and targeted audience. It's time to start translating that into the design. Check your competitor's logo and how they designed.

Apart from choosing a font, color, and typography. Choosing the right design aesthetic which is suitable for your brand.

There are 8 types of logo design, choose which is suitable for your business.

  • Mascot logo design

  • Pictorial logo design

  • Typography

  • The Emblem

  • Lettermark logo design

  • Wordmark logo design

  • Abstract mark logo design

  • Combination logo design

Are you confused? No worry! Click here and choose your right logo design for your brand.

Sketch a rough diagram of your logo design

Now, you have a clear view of how your logo wants to be. Use your imagination to sketch a raw diagram on a paper or if you have knowledge in graphic design software, draw your sketch on it.

Don't stop with a single sketch. Draw more designs until you get a unique design for your brand.

Are you lacking ideas? Are you confused to finalize the design? Don't know which design is suitable for your brand? There are few designers who will help to design your brand logo. Check out!

Choose font and color for your brand


Choosing the proper font for your logo may be a vital step within the design, and it's never something you would like to neglect. Because your logo is that the heart of your brand identity,

Basic font types:

  • Serif

  • Sans Serif

  • Script

  • Novelty

  • Decorative

To know more in detail about choosing a font. Check here!

Pro Tip: Choose the font which is suitable for use Websites, Advertisement Banners, Billboards, and more.


Color plays a very important role in making logos. Because there is a link between colors and emotional state. The color of your logo should give positive and trust to the customers. So choose your color for a logo wisely.

Let’s play a simple game!

What comes to your mind when I say the words ‘Red’ ‘Green’?

I bet “Danger, Anger” comes to Red and “Safe, Pleasant” Comes to green. Choose your logo design color by your nature of business, product or service you offer.

For example

Blue - stands for trust, security, professionalism.

Yellow - stands for attention-grabbing, happiness

Pink - stand for youth, femininity, luxury

White - stands for Simple, clean, trustworthy

Black - Luxury, modern, and powerful.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that the effect of your branding colors depends on the design and style they're utilized in, also because the color combinations you select Don’t use too much of a single color on the design.

Communicate with your designer

Now, everything is set to logo making. Once you evaluate a goal, targeted audience, design style, font, and color. There are two ways to obtain your logo design.

  1. Free Logo Design tools

  2. Graphic Design Agency

Choosing a Graphic Design Agency is the right choice for your business. To make sure, communicate with your designer very clearly. Also, explain briefly your requirement to make your designer understand what you need and your requirement. Give suggestions until you get your desired logo.

Remember, your designer is an expert and features a great feel for what makes a brand logo. Giving much detailed and clear feedback is what gives designers an understanding of what you wish. it should sound cheesy but it’s true: the simplest design happens once you and your designer work together.

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