Welsbee Terms of Use

On this page, you can get detailed information about payment methods and conditions to access Welsbee Digital Services.

These terms and conditions are applied to users of our company services or who want to use our company services and site visitors. When you access the website www.welsbee.com or any other services we offer, you agree and accept the terms of use described below.

Acceptance of offer

Before starting the project and doing any kind of work on your behalf, we need your approval to proceed as a confirmation that you agree that the project can start. Payment of your deposit (advance payment) will be considered as your confirmation to continue, if the funds are needed at this stage. If not, such an approval must be given in written form - by an e-mail or a letter - no project will start until we get the approval (only for companies). Individuals should pay in advance to confirm the project.

Payment and Depoist

It is necessary to make an advance payment, which acts as a security measure for Welsbee Digital human and technical resources. The advance payment is 30 percent or higher of the overall project cost, unless the offer defines a lower or a higher percentage of advance payment depending on the size and the type of the project. We will use our legal right to claim interest in accordance with commercial law, if the client has not paid the debt or if they have broken the payment deadline (stated value date).

All amounts  paid to Welsbee Digital are non-refundable because they serve as a security measure and a reserve of both human and technical resources, and they are a guarantee to work upon the project. If the paid amount is larger than what is in the invoice, the rest will remain in your account as a loan, which can be used for any service we offer.

The advance payment will be taken as your intention to continue your cooperation with us until the completion of the project for which we are engaged, and it obliges you to make a full payment once the project is completed.

Confidential Information

Welsbee Digital does not ask any confidential information through its website, email, forms or whatsapp. Welsbee Digital is fully transparent about what we collect and clearly defines all details to you. If anyone asks for any confidential information in our name, please let us know my email by mail@welsbee.com. Welsbee Digital provides full support to protection of personal rights, confidential information.


Copying and misuse of our website and collection materials from this website are not allowed. You can’t download any information, images, text or any other information from this website. If there is any button to share our content from this website, you can only use it to share content by its manner.

Site Disclaimer

You access this website by your own responsibility. Your access to the website can be disabled if we know any kind of abuse or misuse to the website from your side. We can change terms and conditions at any time without notice. Contact us for more information - mail@welsbee.com

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